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New Year, New Commitment

Negative Duration and Your Bond Portfolio

New Name and Brand for 2020

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Hindsight Bias

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Anadarko Employees - Options and Choices

Occidental wins Anadarko... is it the end?

Inverted Yield Curve

Did the Fed say that?!

2018 - A Wild Ride. 2019 - A Great Start

2019 Portfolio Modifications

Rate Hikes - Good or Bad?

No Time To Panic!

Sell-off Creates Opportunity for Portfolio Check-up

Holiday Spending Tips for 2018

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Guidance on Paying 2018 Property Taxes

The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017

Bitcoin Bubble

Holiday Spending 2017

The Houston Residential Housing Market Heats Up Post-Harvey

Important Notice - Harvey Resources & Insurance Claims

Hurricane Harvey - An Update From Efficient Wealth Management

Dow 22,000 - What Next?

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Puerto Rico Bankruptcy

Tax Deadline 2017

Exciting news for EWM, our new Austin office

Analysis: Oil Prices

PRAP Post-Tax Contributions for United Pilots

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Post-Election Bond Market Blues

Post-Election Rebalancing Strategy

Election 2016 - How Will the Election Impact YOUR Investments?

Low Interest Rates Hurt Savers

Lessons from Rio's 2016 Games

Brexit: Does This Make Great Britain Little England? The Fallout & More...

Brexit: What is it and how will it affect your portfolio?

UAL Flight Attendant 401k Switch to Fidelity

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Quarterly Market Review 1Q2016

Recent Legislative Changes with Your Social Security Benefits

Cash Value Loans on Insurance Policies

Rotten Insurer Guarantees?

Will The Election Impact The Markets?

Election 2016: How Will The Election Impact Your Portfolio?

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January 2016: The Worst Start Ever

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Are Low Oil Prices Good for the Economy?

2016 Market Follies

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Emerging Markets Meltdown?

December Markets

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Learn to Love the Bear

Why Investors Fail

Riding It Out

Homemade Dividends

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